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Save Your People by Avner & Rachel Boskey

Save Your People By Avner & Rachel Boskey © David's Tent Music, all rights reserved; used by permission of authors; C Am F G C Save your people, save your people O Lord, from their sin (repeat ) F G C G Am F G C Take from us every other god O Lord, change our hearts (repeat) C Am F G C Keep your people, keep your people O Lord, keep us safe (repeat) F G C G Am F G C Deliver us from the hands of the enemy O Lord, lift us up (repeat) D Bm G A D Show your people, show your people O Lord, show your face (repeat) G A D A Bm G A D Reveal to us the beauty of your servant O Lord, make Him known (repeat) D Bm G A D Heal Your people, heal your people O Lord, with Your love (repeat) G A D A Bm G A D Pour on us the oil of your anointing O Lord, make us whole (repeat) D Bm G A D Love your people, love your people O Lord, as a bride (repeat) G A D A Bm G A D Cover us with pure white garments O Lord, for yourself (repeat) D Bm Save your people, heal your people G A G A Love us Lord, love us Lord G A D Love your people, Lord!