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O Yeshua by Israel's Hope

O Yeshua By Israel’s Hope Intro: Am A2 Dm Dm7 E7 Am Am A2 Fmaj7 Dm O Yeshua, … how long must we wait? Dm7 G C E7 Longing for the day of your return E7 Am A2 Fmaj7 Dm O Yeshua, … in Zion shall be Dm7 E7 Am Your people of praise when you return F G C Am7 Upon the clouds of heaven Dm7 E7 Am You are coming in great glory F G C Am7 With power and mighty angels Dm Dm/B E Coming with you to the earth Am A2 Fmaj7 Dm O Yeshua, … faithful and true Dm7 G C E7 Our righteousness, our hope, and our salvation E7 Am A2 Fmaj7 Dm O Yeshua! … To see you appear! Dm7 E7 Am Fulfill the word You spoke long ago