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Hineni by Mary Keyes

HINENI By Mary Keyes, Daniel Fedorchak, and Angela Taylor,Febuary 2012 E C#m Lord I want to find Your peace , and I ache to feel Your love B#m A To escape for this moment, To Your presence up above E C#m The world around is broken, I'm reminded every day B#m A Though I've been Your fallen child , You meet me when I say (when I say) Chorus: E So, Abba hold me close B#m "Hineni" here am I C#m Again I call, "Surrender" A Won’t You let these fears subside E C#m Lord I want to find that peace, Your stillness deep inside B#m A So when the world gets rocky, There my soul can hide(My soul can hide) Bridge: C#m E A So Father draw me close , Take me by the hand C#m E A Lead me through these waters, Help me understand (X2) Chorus, Acapella chorus, instrumental E, B#m, C#m, A, E, end.