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V'ne-emar by Marty Goetz

V’ne-emar by Marty Goetz (Zechariah 14:9) C G C C G C V’ne-emar v’haya Adonai F C G F C G L’melech al kol ha- aretz C C Bayom ha- hu bayom ha- hu C G C yih’ye Adonai echad F C F C F C G C Ush’mo, ush’mo…..oh, ush’mo, echad [2x] D A D D A D And it shall come to pass, as it is written: G D A G D A The Lord will be king over all the earth D D And in that day, and in that day , D A D The Lord will be Lord alone G D G D G D A D And his name, and his name, and his name will be one