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Secret Place by Lynne McDowell

Secret Place Lynne McDowell ©2008 G C2sus4 G C 2sus4 In the stillness of the night My heart seeks Your light G C2sus4 Am 7 D D 2 D Where every shadow fades away That’s where I want to stay Chorus: G Em 7 As the world disappears, only You and I are here D C In this secret place where I can see Your face G Em 7 Every sorrow melts away when You and I remain D C G D D2 D In a sweet embrace, in a sweet embrace Instrumental 2x: C / / / C / / D G / / / D G / / / G C2sus4 G C 2sus4 My head upon Your breast; My weary soul finds rest G C2sus4 Am 7 D D 2 D Your comforting peace brings joy with its release