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Fall on Me by Joel Chernoff

Fall on Me Joel Chernoff 2002 Messianic Publishing Galilee of the Nations Music CCLI#4324739 G / C / Em / D / C G C G D Lord You are beautiful, Your mercies abound G C G D G And You are faithful to release Your Spirit now. G C G D And we are hungry, to know You more. G C G D G Stretch forth Your hands to me, to you my heart restore. _________________________________________________________________________ CHORUS: Em C G D Em C G D Fall on me, Holy Spirit of God, fall on me fill my heart with Your fire Em C G D Em C D2-D / Dsus D Fall on me; You alone I desire. Come LORD fall on me. ________________________________________________________________________ G C G D Come quickly, Holy One; stretch forth Your Hand G C G D G Bend down and lift me up and breath e on me again. Arrangement: V1, C, V2, C, V1, C, C