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A Living Sacrifice by Lynne McDowell

A Living Sacrifice Lynne McDowell ©2009 Intro: D G D A D A living sacrifice G A D I stand before the altar, Lord, consume my life G A Bm A pleasing fragrance rising to the place where You abide G A D Accept my life, a living sacrifice G D Fine flour and oil G D These are the works of my hands G Bm To do the will of You who sent me Em A Serving You, my God, and my fellow man G D An offering of peace G D Each time these lips are parted G Bm Speaking words of life Em A That bring healing to the broken hearted Bm F#m G D A burnt offering every part consumed Bm F#m Hopes and dreams in smoking ash G A All of my life is rising up to You G D Your will has now become my will G D I live for You alone G Bm Write Your words on this empty skin Em G A Put your light within Show me the way to be