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May You Shine by Zemer Levav

May You Shine By Shimrit Hanes ©2001 Em B7 If you make the most High your dwelling place, Em B7 Then no harm will befall you Am Em C B7 C Em-B 7 Em For He will command His angels, To guard you in a-a-all your ways B 7 Am Em May you shine like the stars in the heavens Am D B 7 And be clothed all in white Am Em May you dwell as a pillar, in the Temple D Em And eat of the Tree of Life Em B 7 Em B7 Look to the Lord and His strength, Seek His face always Am Em C B7 Then your eyes will see the glory of the Lord C Em B7 Em As you walk in paths of righteousness Em B7 May your name be written in the Book of Life, Em B7 As those who fear and honor the Lord Am Em C B 7 May you be G-d’s treasured possession, C Em B7 Em Hating evil and loving what is good