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All You've Done by Lamb

All You’ve Done Joel Chernoff (Psalm 94: 17-19) Lu-lei  A-do-nai ez-ra-tah li Kim-at shakh-na  du-mah naf-shi Translation: Had not the Lord been a help for me My soul would soon in silence be. Im  a-mar-ti  ma-tah  rag-li Chas-d'kha  Adonai y'se-dei-ni Translation: When I cried O God I'm slipping away Your loving hand supported me. B'rov sara'pai b'kir-bi Tan chu-mei-kha Y'sha-ash-u naf-shi Translation: When the cares of life crowd in on me, You still my soul's anxiety. Dm Bb G Oh oh oh All You've done for me, Dm G Dm C Dm Rescued me, and set my soul free, Dm Bb G Oh oh oh And my life will be, DmC G Bb Dm A testimony of Your love for me