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I Will Praise You by Margaret Becker

I Will Praise You By Margaret Becker DGA D Teach me your way, your way, oh L ord G D A And I will live, live by your truth G A D Give me a mind set like a stone G               A D To fear your name, to fear your name                    A         D And I will praise you           B7 Em I will praise you A                   D With all my heart D G     D                 A        D I will praise and honor you                                 G            A D Lord there is no one, no one like You       G               D A And there are no works like yours, oh God G                A D All the nations will come and bow down G A D Before you, Lord, before you, Lord G A D And I will call on You, Lord, hear my prayer G                D                 A For you, my God, have comforted me G A D My compassionate and gracious God G            A D I will set my hope on You alone (…on You alone!)