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Yeshua El Yakar by Jamie Hilsden

Yeshua El Yakar (Jesus Precious Lord) Jamie Hilsden Instru over vs – no extra D English – Hebrew Repeat last line 3x Arrangement: A A B A B B repeat last line Bm A D Bm G D Yeshua El Yakar seh tamim v’atuf hadar Bm A D G A D D Peh echad korim lecha Immanu’el Baruch Haba (2x) G D A V’et ei-nei-nu p’kach G D Bm V’et cha-ye-nu kach G A Bm Et kalat’cha taher hayom G D A D Al kes libei-nu kach makom Yeshua, precious Lord, blameless Lamb, in splendor robed With one voice, we cry to You Immanuel, (You’re) welcome (here) And open (up) our eyes And (Lord) take our lives And purify Your bride today On the throne of our hearts, take Your place