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Etz Chaim by Traditional

Etz Chaim ǁ: Cm – Bb – Ab – Bb : ǁ Cm Cm/Bb Fm Eb Etz chay- im hee, la-ma - cha-zi-kim bah Cm Ab Fm G◦ Gdim Cm V’to m -ech – ech-a me - u- shar Cm Cm/D Fm Ab7/Bb Eb De-ra-che-ha d’re-chei no - am Fm D◦ 7 F m7/G Gdim Cm V’chol n’ti-vo-te-cha sha - lom Cm Ha-shi-vei-nu A-don-ai Cm Gsus G ei-le-cha v’na-shu-va Ab Fm Gsus G Cha-deish, cha-deish ya-mei-nu Ab Fm Gsus G Cm Cha-deish ya-mei-nu k’ ke-dem ǁ: Cm – Bb – Ab – Bb : ǁ A tree of life to those who hold fast to it and all who cling to it find happiness. Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace Help us and guide us, inspire us and provide us With the wisdom Your Torah can show Cause us to learn, renew and return, Just as in days of old