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Yom Kippur by Steve McConnell

Yom Kippur Words & Music by Steve & Sue McConnell Intro: Abmaj7 Bb Fm Cm Bb Abmaj7 Bb Fm G Cm Cm Bb/D Eb Fm Cm Gsus G Holy One - can I walk with You like Abraham? Cm Bb/D Eb Fm Cm Bb Could it be that El Shaddai is a friend to man? Would You Ab Cm Ab Gsus G Say those words to me - the words You told him? Cm Bb/D Eb Fm G Cm Holy One - can a man like me be called Your friend? Cm Bb Cm Bb Ab Cm Fm Bb Cm Al tirah - al tirah. Anochi magen lach. Skhar-kha harbeh maod. Cm Bb Cm Bb Ab Cm Fm Bb Cm Fear not - fear not. For I am your Shield. Your reward is very great. Holy One - how can I approach Your mercy seat? Sacrifice and offerings seem so incomplete, So I dream of atonement behind this curtain, Holy One - will I ever be certain? Holy One - when I reached for You, You took my hand And spoke to me. Oh Holy One, now I understand! Hine El Yeshuati! I've seen Salvation, Holy One, in the Sacrifice of Your only Son! 1998 Steve and Sue McConnell, All Rights Reserved. This song is found on the album "HAMOEDIM - The Appointed Times" available on cassette and CD at or 860-242-4515.