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Yom Teruah by Steve McConnell

Yom Teruah Words & Music by Steve & Sue McConnell Fm G Cm Fm G Cm Isaac bound by Abraham it seemed this sacrifice would be Fm G Cm Bb Ab But God looked on the faith of Abraham Fm Gsus G A ram's horn caught meant Isaac would be free! Cm Fm G Cm Sound the shofar from the highest hill Cm Fm Gsus G Wake up people - no more standing still! Cm Fm G Cm See the harvest nurtured by scarred hands. Cm Fm Gm Cm Soon our God and King will reap the harvest from the land! Hear O Israel - the Lord our God the Lord is One And at this turning of another year, may we turn to see His Son! (to chorus - each key change up one step, to Dm then Em) See! Yeshua waits for you! He longs to gather you in! Oh hear the shofar calling out to you that you might know the ransom paid for sin. You who know Yeshua - don't be silent anymore. Sound the shofar to a dying world - Be ready for the coming of the Lord! 1998 Steve and Sue McConnell, All Rights Reserved. This song is found on the album "HAMOEDIM - The Appointed Times" available on cassette and CD at or 860-242-4515.