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The Pesach Song (We're Leaving) by Steve McConnell

The Pesach Song (We're Leaving) Words & Music by Steve & Sue McConnell Am F G Am F G Am F G Am Dm Em We're leaving, leaving Mitzraim to worship our holy king Am F G Am F G Am F G Am Dm Em We follow our redeemer -- God leads us to the land He promised Fmaj7 Gsus G Am (F G Am F G Am) and we're leaving tonight Am G F G Em Am G F G Em 10 times the pharaoh had his chance, and 9 times he said no Am G F Gsus G but now he's come to face the power of God -- he begs for us to go Am G F G Em Am G F G Em four hundred years in slavery to pharaoh and his throne Am G F Dm C/E F Gsus G are coming to a halt tonight -- our God is coming to take us home.... He requires of us a sacrifice, for only blood atones and on the doorposts of our dwelling place; it marks us as his own this lamb that we have slain tonight was offered in our place staff in hand we stand prepared to leave - we must eat this meal in haste (chorus) Now a 3 day journey faces us from ramses to sukkot and from that moment God is with us, in clouds of fire and of smoke but pharaoh's army seeks our life, Moses lifts his holy hands - we have mikveh in the sea of reeds, leaving egypt where they stand (chorus) 1998 Steve and Sue McConnell, All Rights Reserved. This song is found on the album "HAMOEDIM - The Appointed Times" available on cassette and CD at or 860-242-4515.