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Great I Am by Jared Anderson

Great I Am Jared Anderson/Paul Wilbur Key of F ,Capo 3 Play D D G A D I want to be close , close to your side G A Bm/D So heaven is real and death is a lie G A D G I want to hear voices of angels above, s inging as one A Bm G D A Hallelujah Holy Holy, Yah almighty Great I am Bm G D A Who is worthy none beside You, Yah Almighty Great I Am D G A D I want to be near , near to your heart G A Bm/D Loving Your Word, hating the dark G A D I want to see dry bones, living again G Singing as one // Bm The mountains shake before Him , The demons run and flee G At the mention of the name King of Majesty D There is no power in hell or any who can stand A Before the power and the presence of Bm G The Great I am, the Great I am D A The Great I am (Chorus)/ Bridge