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Rejoice, O Bride of Zion by Jack Wallace

Rejoice, O Bride of Zion Jack Wallace Intro --- F C Dm Bb F C Dm/B Bb Verse 1 ------------------------------------------------ X2 F Bb He is our sacrifice – Yeshua the Lamb, He offered Himself Dm C Bb Csus To wear all our guilty shame and to make us white as snow F Though the mountains may be removed, Bb And the stars will fall from their place (on repeat) Dm C Bb Csus Nothing can separate us from the love of our God (He’s coming to us!) Chorus ------------------------------------------------- F C Rejoice O bride of Zion, your Husband Bb Csus The Lord, has remembered His promise! F C He has cleansed away all your stains, Bb Dm Csus And His peace will never pass from you! F C He is good, Lord you are good, Bb Dm/B Csus Such a love you have lavished on us! F And now the nations sing your praise, C Bb Csus F God gave His Son and so we shall ever abide with Him our God! C F Verse 2 ------------------------------------------------ F A nursing mother can leave behind her child, Bb But the Lord will not abandon us, Dm C Bb Surely we are most precious in His eyes! F Have I not told you from the beginning, C I am the Lord Your Redeemer, Dm C I paid with my blood to wash away your stains Bb Csus And to call you my own (My beloved)! Chorus ------------------------------------------------- Bridge ------------------------------------------------- F C I will never forget you, you are my love! Dm G How could I forsake you? You’re my beloved! F C How could I forget you? You are my love! Dm Bb Csus I will never forsake you, you’re my beloved, My fair one! Chorus -------------------------------------------------