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The Shepherd of Yisrael by Kol Simcha

The Shepherd of Yisrael By Kol Simcha G Em C D G Em The Shepherd of Yisrael will lead Yisrael like a flock, O God C Am G Em Bend down your ear and listen as I plead C Am G Em Display your power and radiant glory C Am G Em Turn us again to yourself, O God C Am G Em Look down on us in joy and love C D G Gsus G Only then shall we be saved G Em C D G Em O Lord, my God, how long will you be angry and reject our prayers? C Am G Em You have fed us with sorrow and tears and have made us C Am G Em The scorn of the neighboring nations G Em C D G Em You brought us from Egypt as though we were a tender vine and drove away the heathen C Am G Em But now you have broken down our walls C Am G Em Leaving us without protection C Am G Em Come back we beg of You, O God, and bless us C Am G Em Look down from heaven protect what you’ve planted C D G Gsus G The son you have raised for yourself G Em C D G Em Strengthen the man you love , the son of your choice, and we will never forsake you C Am G Em Again revive us to trust in you