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When I Worship You by Philip Stanley Klein

When I Worship You By Philip Stanley Klein C F G C Am I confess to You … I’ve lived my life all wrong … F G I was number one, doing it my way Am Praising only me F G C Am Lord, your love prevailed, … You held me when I failed … F G When I heard your call brought me to my knees A m Gsus G Broke me of it all , Lord, you set me free C G Am C When I worship you all my fears are gone … Dm F G Everything is new, … You and I are one C G A m C When I sing to you the power of the Lord … Dm G C Covers all I do, When I worship You F G C Am Lord, I’m so ashamed, … I’ve wasted so much time … F G All that was to gain kept slipping through my hands Am And hiding from my eyes F G C Am But now I do believe … Your spirit lives in me … F G And I won’t be deceived, ‘cause now I know the truth Am G sus G You’re alive in me, now I’m alive in You