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Psalm 19b, The Law of the Lord by Sons of Korah

Psalm 19b, The Law of the Lord By Sons of Korah G C G D G The law of the Lord is perfect G C G D G Reviving the soul, the soul G C G D G The ways of the Lord can be trusted G C G D G Making wise the simple, the humble G D C G The precepts of the Lord they are right G D G Gsus G Giving joy unto the heart G C G D They are more precious, even more than gold G C Am7 G Gsus G Sweeter than the honey from the comb (2x) G C G D G The commands of the Lord are radiant G C G D G Giving light to the eyes, to my eyes G D C G The fear of God is pure forever G D G The word of God is sure and right G C G D G By them your servant is warned G C G D G To keep them is great reward Who can discern His errors? Forgive all my hidden sins? And keep his servant from willful sins, May they not rule over me, o Lord Then I’ll be blameless and innocent of sin May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart Be pleasing in your sight, o Lord, my rock, my redeemer