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I Will Call by Bruce Cohen

I Will Call By Bruce Cohen INTRO: Slow rubato      B7              Em         B7             Em Let Israel's Messiah  be lifted up on high!       Am              G     D Let every nation see Him, Em            B7         [ EmBm  Em Bm  C  D  Em-Am-Em (2x) ] And let this be the–ir cry! CHORUS C D Em Bm Em-Bm-Em I will call on the name of the Lord C          D    G         B7   EmBm Em All who call, all who call upon him will be saved  (2x) [VERSE 1]        B7                              Em The Name of The Lord is a strong tower,        B7                      B7 The righteous run within            Am                    G-D To the fellowship of Messiah              Em Bm Em Bm Em Bm Em And His victory   0---ver sin!           B7Em In the name of the Lord Messiah       B7Em Is the strength of all our prayer             AmAmAmAmG  D It's the cornerstone of    power D   Em Bm  Em Bm Em Salvation     everywhere [ REPEATCHORUS ] [VERSE 2]           B7                             Em At the name of the Lord Yeshua            B7               Em Every enemy must flee            Am G  D Every sickness must be broken    D     Em Bm Em Bm  Em Every captive  be   set  free!       B7              Em Let Israel's Messiah      B7              Em Be lifted up on high! Am G     D Let every nation see Him, Em            B7         Em Bm Em And let this be their cry! [ RepeatChorus ] C       D4-D       Em-D C     G All who make the Lord their trust C           D Bm Em Will not be disappointed        Am Em  C      D      Em But they shall arise, they shall arise    C             D4   – D              G - B7 Arise in the Name of God's anointed! [Repeat Chorus, a cappella with clapped-emphases, as on Cohen & Rose album]