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Blessed is the Man by Israel's Hope

Blessed Is the Man by Israel's Hope E A Am E How lovely are thy courts oh God A Am E Thy dwelling place oh Most High A Am E My soul it years and faints for them A Am E My heart and my flesh cry out for thee, oh God C E You oh Lord are a sun and a shield C E You show us favor and honor G D C No good thing will you withhold from him who walks with you F D E Almighty One, blessed is the man who trusts in you E A Am E Even the sparrow has found a home A Am E And the swallow a nesting place that she may feed her young A Am E A place near your altar they choose to dwell A Am E Oh Lord Almighty, my king, my God E A Am E Far better one day in thy courts oh God A Am E Than to live for a thousand anywhere else