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V'ahavta by Marty Goetz

V’ahavta (And You Shall) By Marty Goetz Intro: Am Dm G E7 Am G Am Dm V'ahav'ta et Adonai Elohekha Am Dm Am G b'kol l'vav'kha uv'khol naf'sh'kha First Time: G C E7 uv'kol m'ode kha. Second Time: G C E7 Am uv'kol m'ode kha. Am G Am Dm And you shall love the Lord your God Am Dm A m G With all of your heart and with all of your soul G E7 A m With all of your might (2nd time add : …with all of your strength) F G C V’ahavta l’reacha kamocha F Dm7 G C You shall love your neighbor as yourself G A D G D And upon these two commandments stand the whole Torah G A D C D Love your neighbor, love your God, v’ahavta!