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Scarlet by Jordan Elias

Scarlet (Shani) (Isaiah 1:18) By Jordan Elias G D/F# Em7 D Verse 1: G D /F# Em7 D G O God, You are my God And I will fear You and honor Your name D /F# Em7 D Your mercy, Your lovingkindness Its so beautiful Channel 1: G D /F# And I dance before You, Lord Em7 D G With hair let down and with praises on my lips D /F# Em7 I come to You Lord with ears opened up D ‘Cause the sounds of heaven are raining down Chorus Em7 C9 G D Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be made white as snow Em7 C9 G D Em 7 C9 Em7 D /B D Though they are red like crimson They will be made just like wool, says the Lord Verse 2: G D/F# Em7 D When I fall I shatter, A gainst Your truth, Your perfect truth G D Em7 D But now I know You’re there, With arms open wide, ready to catch me Chorus Hebrew: Em7 C9 G D Im yehe-hu cha-tai-ay- chem Ka-sha-nim, Ka-sheh-leg, yal-bi-nu Em7 C9 G D Em 7 C9 G D C9 Em7 D/B D Im ya-adimu cha-to-la Ka-tsem-er yehe-yu Amar Adonai Verse 3: G D/F# Em7 D G When I’m there on my bed, I think about You, And my eyes fill with love for You (G) D/F# Em7 D You’ve been my help and in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy Channel 1 Chorus 2x Chorus Hebrew