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Breath by Troy Mitchell

Breath By Troy Mitchell, lyrics by D. Thomas Lancaster, music by Carl Gottholf Glaser D The breath of every living thing A LORD God! Shall bless your name D G The spirit of all flesh shall sing D A D Your sovereign power proclaim D For none but you, great King! we know A Redeemer from before D G Whose mercy has sustained through woe D A D Our God forevermore! D He neither slumbers nor does sleep A The sleeper he awakes D G Makes mute to speak and brings release D A D All binds and bonds he breaks Recording here: D And if our mouths were filled with song A As oceans filled with waves D G Like breakers crashing were our tongues D A D Each wave a song of praise D Hands spread as wide as eagles’ wings A Eyes bright as sun and moon D G Still insufficiently we sing D A D Our debt, our thanks to you D Then every tongue on earth confess A And every knee shall bow D G My soul and all within me bless D A D That Name above them all