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Draw Near by Troy Mitchell

Draw Near By Troy Mitchell recording here Verse 1: Em D/F# G What man can live and never see death C2 Can deliver from She’ol Em D/F# G Can rouse one sleeping from his rest C2 Or ransom his lost soul Verse 2: Em D/F# G When in Gethsemane’s tight press C2 The Son of Man implored Em D/F# G Asked life of Him who gave him breath C2 Asked life forever more Verse 3: Em D/F# G Lord, please receive for peace and rest C2 Those souls sent on before Em D/F# G Asked life of Thee who gave them breath C2 Asked life forever more Prechorus: Dsus But God will redeem my soul Am7 From the power of She’ol C2 Draw near to my soul Am7 G/B C2 And redee…..m it Chorus: G D Oh draw near, Lord Em7 C2 Oh draw near, Lord G D Oh draw near, Lord Am7 G/B C2 And redee…..m it Bridge: Dsus Who can bring death Am7 Who can give life C2 Am7 Who can make salvation blossom forth Spoke prayer transliteration: Attah gibbor l’olam adonai, mechayeh metim attah verav lehoshia. Mashiv haruach umorid hagashem. Mechalkel chayim bechesed, mechayeh metim brachamim rabbim, somech nofelim, verofei cholim, umattir asurim, umekayem emunato lishenei afar. Mi chamocha baal gevurot, umi domeh lach, melech memit umechayeh umatzmiach yeshu’ah. Vene’eman attah lehachayot metim. Baruch attah ADONAI, mechayeh hametim Spoken prayer translation: You are eternally powerful, my Master. You resurrect the dead and are fully able to save. You cause the wind to blow and send down the rain. With devoted love you sustain those who are living; with deep compassion you resurrect the dead. You uphold those who fall, heal the sick, set captives free, and maintain faithfulness to those who sleep in the dust. Who is like you, capable of powerful deeds, and who can compare with you? You are a King who causes death and resurrects, and you make salvation sprout forth! You are faithful to resurrect the dead. Blessed are you O LORD, who resurrects the dead