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Awake O Zion's Hope by Troy Mitchell

Awake O Zion’s Hope By Troy Mitchell Listen to the recording here Prechorus: G C 2 How beautiful the messenger Em7 C Who stands upon the hills, G C2 Who brings good news and says to her, Dsus D "The kingdom is revealed!" G C 2 How beautiful the feet of him Em7 G/B C Proclaiming sorrows cease G C 2 Who brings good news of salvation Am7 Dsus D G Who brings good news of peace Chorus: G C/G Awake, awake, O Zion’s Hope D/G C/G And free yourself from chains Em7 C Put on salvation like a coat D [ 2nd time: G] And clothe yourself in strength Verse 1: G C/G Shake off your dust, Jerusalem Em7 C Rise up and take your throne G C Your walls shall not be breached again Dsus D Your stones no more cast down G C2 Now let the watchmen on your walls Em7 G/B C Lift up their joyous cries G C2 Oh, let their shouts return the call, Am7 D “We see Him with our eyes!” Verse 2: G C/G Burst into songs, Jerusalem Em7 C Now ruins be consoled G C He has redeemed Jerusalem Dsus D Redemption long foretold G C/G HaShem has bared his holy arm Em7 G/B C All nations overawed G D2 Behold and see, Jerusalem Am7 D Salvation of our God